Domestic violence victims support group in israelCrucial to NA’AMAT’s mission is the rescue of battered and abused women and children, freeing them from the nightmare of domestic violence and rebuilding dysfunctional families.The NA’AMAT Glickman Center for Family Violence Prevention in Tel Aviv, the first women’s shelter in Israel, was established more than 20 years ago in 1993. It is a safe haven for victims of domestic abuse. This unique center can shelter up to 14 women and 16 children at one time, while the counseling and guidance units serve between 100 and 150 women each month.

Staff and volunteers help give residents a sense of physical safety and emotional security. During their stay, (an average of six months), the women regain their sense of self-worth often eroded by years of abuse. In the words of Orit Eaton, Glickman Center Director, counseling frequently continues after the women leave the shelter, as it does for some of their children. When a woman is made aware of her rights when she learns how to take control of her life and refuses to be dominated and dictated to by others, then she is beginning to travel the road that will free her from the nightmare of domestic violence.

In addition to assisting the victims of domestic violence, the Glickman Center provides long-term counseling to male perpetrators. With a 90 percent rehabilitation rate among treatable perpetrators, NA’AMAT is well known for successfully rebuilding dysfunctional families. The Glickman Center staff members include social workers, psychologists, criminologists and lawyers. Among the services NA’AMAT provides are an open “hot line” for emergencies, individual and group counseling, and legal advice. The center helps the parties reach conciliation agreements, if both the husband and wife attend therapeutic counseling sessions. It also helps prepare divorce agreements, which clearly defines arrangements for child custody and division of assets.

The Glickman Center’s goal is for the residents to re-enter the mainstream as independent individuals. By providing treatment for both victims and perpetrators, NA’AMAT works to break the cycle of violence for women and their families.

Rhodie Blanshay Benaroch Children’s Center

violence-support-2The smallest victims of violence, the children living at the Glickman Center, now have a place to play – The Rhodie Blanshay Benaroch Children’s Activity Center. This new wing of the shelter has a computer room, a baby nursery, a kindergarten, an audio visual education corner, a library, a learning center, and an outdoor playground.

Rhodie Blanshay Benaroch was a dynamic third generation NA’AMAT member who made a personal commitment to building a safe and loving environment for the children who needed it the most. While she is no longer with us, Rhodie was the catalyst behind this ground-breaking project.