Lessening the likelihood of violence through education

Abuse of Women in IsraelStatistics show that there are over 200,000 battered women in Israel and half a million children exposed to domestic violence each year. NA’AMAT has a long history of reducing the damage caused by domestic violence, but wouldn’t it be better to prevent it all together?

A recent generous bequest has enabled NA’AMAT to take major strides toward our goal of making every household in Israel a safe, respectful place. NA’AMAT is deepening and broadening educational offerings, legal aid, counseling, and training for our entire staff, to better serve our women and families.

At our high schools and women’s centers, and in every facet of our organization, we provide opportunities for community members to understand all aspects of sexual harassment and ways to prevent violence against women.

Our efforts in this area are evolving, and we welcome support that enables us to lay the groundwork for a more equitable society in Israel, while we continue to provide resources to those most in need.

Providing a refuge for women and children in need

Domestic Violence in Israel

  • Established in Tel Aviv in 1993, NA’AMAT’s Glickman Center for Family Violence Prevention was the first women’s shelter in Israel.
  • Dedicated staff and volunteers ensure the physical and emotional security for up to 30 residents at a time, while up to 150 women receive counseling each month.
  • The Glickman Center also provides counseling to treatable male perpetrators, and has attained a 90 percent rehabilitation rate.
  • Dedicated to helping residents re-enter the mainstream as independent women, the Glickman Center provides legal advice, including conciliation and clearly defined divorce agreements.

“We accept women from all social groups, ethnicities and religions. We accept citizens and non-citizens, including refugees. When women reach our shelter, it can be a turning point. It can be the beginning of a new and better life.”

Yael Levin
Director, Na’amat Glickman Center, Tel Aviv

NA’AMAT’s ongoing campaigns advocating for women against sexual harassment and domestic violence: