NA’AMAT’s legal aid bureaus, women’s rights centers, and childcare programs help support women and parents in Israel as they pursue their career goals and work to support their families. A single mother who is struggling to afford childcare can turn to one of the 153 NA’AMAT daycare centers throughout the country, while women who have experienced discrimination or harassment in the workplace can seek legal aid from NA’AMAT bureaus. AT NA’AMAT, we believe that independence is strength.

Legal Aid Bureaus

The Workplace can pose all sorts of legal hazards, particularly for women and minorities. NA’AMAT operates 22 legal aid bureaus throughout Israel, providing low cost or pro bono legal advice on issues including:

  • Employment discrimination
  • Minority rights
  • Pre-marital and parental agreements
  • Sexual harassment
  • Illegal termination during pregnancy
  • Wills and bequests
  • Workplace mediation

Dedicated Women’s Rights Centers

Dedicated Women’s Rights Centers in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Karmiel, and Sderot, also provide social workers, therapists, and counselors to assist women with issues such as:

  • Career advancement
  • Domestic violence
  • Family relations
  • Single parenthood
  • Special needs families
  • Economic and financial counseling
  • Workshops and support groups
  • Mental health

NA’AMAT also submits petitions and amicus briefs to the Supreme Court and spearheads the introduction of legislative initiatives to the Knesset. NA’AMAT’s legal team works in collaboration with Members of Knesset and other legal and women’s rights groups to expand and safeguard women’s rights in Israel.

Daycare Centers to Support Parents

NA’AMAT is the largest provider of childcare services in Israel, allowing mothers (and fathers) to hold down jobs – supporting themselves, their families, and society while pursuing professional dreams. Our 153 centers welcome 12,000 pre-school boys and girls a year, ages 0-3, into a warm, nurturing learning environment in which they develop the skills needed to succeed in school and in life. Tuition is based on a family’s ability to pay, and for those below the poverty line, NA’AMAT USA raises funds to cover fees. These pioneering preschool education programs were the model for Project Head Start in the United States.


daycare centers


boys and girls


multipurpose centers

Employing innovative programs and the latest educational trends and materials, a dedicated and caring staff of certified professionals supervise activities which emphasize individual attention and, where needed, appropriate testing and intervention along with confidence-building group activities.

NA’AMAT also offers 18 multipurpose centers (“Daycare Plus”) for children with the most at-risk family situations where children can be up to six years old and care goes from 7a.m. to 7p.m.

Support Workplace Advocacy in Israel

NA’AMAT’s legal aid, empowerment centers, and childcare programs provide women and parents in Israel the resources they need to pursue their career goals or help support their families.