NA’AMAT has a long history of advocating for women’s rights and gender equity in Israel by pushing for policies that ensure equal pay for women and men, as well as protections against sexual harassment and domestic violence. Additionally, NA’AMAT has been a vocal advocate for the rights of marginalized groups in Israel, including minorities and immigrants, amplifying their voices, and pushing for greater inclusion in society. At NA’AMAT, we believe every single human being counts.

Advocacy Agenda

NA’AMAT’S advocacy agenda is broad and varied. As circumstances emerge and evolve on the national scene in Israel, NA’AMAT calls attention to actions that can be taken to amplify women’s voices, impact the legislative agenda positively, and set priorities on a wide range of important issues.

These issues include:

  • Women’s reproductive rights
  • Bullying
  • Sex trafficking
  • Sexual assault and harassment
  • Labor protections
  • Equal pay
  • Domestic violence
  • Child care
  • Elder care

A History of Action

NA’AMAT has been fighting for women and minority rights in Israel for 100 years – and like our pioneer women ancestors –we will continue rolling up our sleeves and laboring to help Israel become what Herzl envisioned: an ideal society, a model for the world.

Every single NA’AMAT program employs and serves the full spectrum of Israel’s population.

When women are murdered as a result of domestic violence – when their faces are absent from major rooms and decisions – when discrimination against minorities reaches new lows – when protections for children disappear – NA’AMAT is there. We will never stop #makinganequaltomorrow.

Be a part of the movement for social change in Israel. Help us support a shared, equal society. Give now.

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For nearly 100 years, NA’AMAT has been fighting for women and minority rights in Israel, amplifying women’s voices and working towards achieving gender and pay equity.

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