NA’AMAT USA is an Israel-focused organization dedicated to uplifting women and children, the cornerstone and future of every society. From preschools and daycare centers, to career training and communities for at-risk teens, mental health services for families and women, and scholarships for women seeking careers in sciences and technology, NA’AMAT provides resources and support to remove obstacles to health and happiness. We are a community of women and friends who are driven by tikkun olam, women’s empowerment and helping to provide new possibilities for the diverse communities of women, children, and families in Israel. We would love to have you join us!

Josephine Gon Headshot

Antisemitism: Decoding the Narrative

Thursday, April 27, 7:00pm EST

A revealing look at the nature of the current antisemitic language directed at Israel, with featured speaker, Josephine Gon.


100 years of improving the lives of women

Watch this video to learn about the past century of Na’amat’s work in Israel and why it must continue into the foreseeable future. Working to ensure the health and financial security of women and children in Israel is essential to the mission of NA’AMAT USA.


  • Nurturing Children

    NA’AMAT is the largest provider of child care in Israel and is world renowned for its progressive early childhood education.

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  • Educating Those in Need

    NA’AMAT has an extensive network of
    educational programs including high
    schools and youth villages. We
    empower women through higher
    educational opportunities with
    scholarships & grants.

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Interview with NA’AMAT USA’s
New National Executive Director, Susan Seely

Scholarship Ceremony

Scholarship Recipients pose for a photo

NA’AMAT held its annual scholarship awards ceremony recently to celebrate the achievements and potential of eight outstanding female doctoral candidates – four in the fields of science and four in gender-related research.

Why NA’AMAT Matters

NA’AMAT members have many reasons for joining NA’AMAT USA, from meeting new friends to helping to enrich the lives of women and families in Israel. But they all have one thing in common: they believe that NA’AMAT matters!

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