We partner with NA’AMAT Israel to provide vital educational and social services
for Women, Children and Families in Israel.


  • Children’s Services

    NA’AMAT is the largest provider of child care in Israel and is world renowned for its progressive early childhood education.

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  • Women’s Services

    NA’AMAT offers a broad range of social
    services and programs to enhance
    the status of women in the family,
    the work force and society.

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  • Education

    NA’AMAT has an extensive network of
    educational programs including high
    schools and youth villages. We
    empower women through higher
    educational opportunities with
    scholarships & grants.

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  • Advocacy

    NA’AMAT mobilizes and leads women to bring about social changes and increase public awareness.

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  • International Sisterhood

    An international movement with over 300,000 members in 10 countries. We are a network of caring and inspirational women dedicated to social justice and equality.

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Cologne Peace Daycare Center


The Cologne Peace Daycare Center located in Jaffa, just south of Tel Aviv, occupies a special place among NA’AMAT facilities in Israel. It is the only NA’AMAT daycare center to offer bilingual early childhood education and serve a mixed group of Jewish and Arabic children.

By design, its student population is kept strictly in balance, half Arab and half Jew, with the Arab students equally divided between Christians and Muslims.


A Memorable Weekend in Las Vegas

(l to r) Marcia Weiss, Debby Kohn, Susan Isaacs, Esther Friedberg, Gail Simpson, Chellie Goldwater Wilensky, Ivy Liebross, Susan Brownstein, Jan Gurvitch, Doris Katz, Hilary Botchin, Raena Zucker

NA’AMAT USA installs a National Board for 2016-2019

NA’AMAT USA’s Gala Celebration in Las Vegas was a huge success. It was a weekend of fun and inspiring speakers, a chance to reconnect with old friends, and a great opportunity to celebrate 90 years of supporting women, children and families in Israel. We are very grateful to those whose hard work made it possible, and for all those wonderful members and friends who took time from their busy lives to attend.