Unprecedented Times – Letter from Our President

As the title of this post states, these are unprecedented times. Every aspect of our lives has been impacted, cancelled or delayed. Please follow the Local, State, CDC recommendations. Practice Social Distancing, frequent and thorough hand washing, use of hand sanitizers and avoiding large gatherings of people.

To that end, I would like to ask all chapters to consider suspending in-person meetings. We currently have the technology and ability to conduct virtual meetings. So, we are exploring the possibility of having a training seminar to show clubs how to conduct their own Zoom, Skype or GoTo Meetings. In advance of this training seminar, please email us your interest in participating. In addition to this, the National Office is hoping to provide clubs and councils with more live stream events similar to the one we had for Women’s International Day.

And now for a NA’AMAT Israel update. Today, I heard from Shirli Shavit, the Director of the International Department of NA’AMAT. As we all know, Israel has been in a state of high medical alert. It is estimated that there are now 250 diagnosed cases of coronavirus with 50,000 people who are now in self quarantine. Towards the goal of flattening the curve of new cases, Israel had to take the extreme step of closing its schools, both public and private. This has virtually shutdown our network of daycare and vocational high schools. This step, although a necessary one, will of course be felt most by the vulnerable in Israeli society. In support of our sisters in Israel, please follow them on their Facebook page and send notes of support and encouragement.

And today on a conference call with Ron Dermer, Israeli Ambassador to the United States, I heard the encouraging news that although the coronavirus will definitely have an adverse effect on the economy, Israel’s economy is positioned to be able to successfully weather this economic storm. The ambassador also shared the hopeful prospect that Israel will form a new government in the next 28-42 days.

So everyone, this is the time for us all to pull together. We need to stay the course and follow instructions from our state and local government. And please most of all let’s keep in touch. Be a friend by calling a friend. It’s that easy.

Jan Gurvitch
National President, NA’AMAT USA