NA’AMAT USA Awards Annual Professional Scholarships and Research Grants at Ceremony in Israel

September 10, 2019 | Press Releases

Los Angeles, CA 9/10/19 – In an exciting and inspirational ceremony held in Israel this summer, NA’AMAT recognized the latest recipients of the NA’AMAT Professional Scholarships. With nearly 200 highly qualified recipients, these scholarships enable deserving Israeli women to pursue their undergraduate and post graduate educations at various colleges and universities throughout Israel.

As part of its ongoing mission to serve and empower working-women and single mothers, NA’AMAT USA also strives each year to advance the educational and professional careers of academically gifted Israeli women with this flagship Professional Scholarship Program. Hagit Pe’er, NA’AMAT’S new President in Israel explained the genesis of this important program saying, “This vital scholarship program began more than four decades ago thanks to the vision of NA’AMAT’S original pioneer women who wanted to assist in advancing higher education among women in Israel.” Today the NA’AMAT Scholarship Fund is known throughout the academic world, highlighting the importance that NA’AMAT attaches to advancing higher education among young women in Israel.

The criteria for selection ensure that qualified women from all of Israel’s social strata are fairly represented. Many of the best and brightest of Israel’s most talented young women come from homes that lack the financial resources needed to enable them to pursue bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in challenging programs of study. By offering scholarship support, NA’AMAT can ensure that these women of merit can develop the skills and get the education they need to realize their dreams and make their contribution to Israeli society.

To fully appreciate the impact of these scholarships, one needs only to hear from a few of this year’s brilliant recipients:

“The focus of my study is the role of the immune system and immune cells in the brain in treating Alzheimer’s Disease. I’m really happy and proud for winning this scholarship and I want to thank NA’AMAT for the support that will allow me to continue to do this important research.” Raz-Dvir Stzernfeld, Grant Recipient, Genetics and Bioinformatics.

“In my research I set out to find out how marginalized mothers who cope with poverty manage to support their daughters’ professional trajectories. I’m so grateful to NA’AMAT for putting women in academia at the center of their focus. I hope that this support will help the participants in the study to make the shift from margin to center.” Roni Eyal-Lubling, Scholarship Recipient, Gender Studies.

“This is a great opportunity to thank you for the support and empowerment of us young women at the beginning of our academic careers. And although there are winds of change, there is still an academic glass roof that women have to break. The support from NA’AMAT helps us to break that glass roof and for that I am extremely grateful.” Anna Rice, Genetics and Bioinformatics.

This year’s scholarships included the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Scholarship for Law, the Nechama Rivlin Scholarship for Doctoral Students in Gender Studies, and the Rona Ramon Scholarship for STEM research.

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