NA’AMAT USA Appoints Deanna Migdal National Executive Director

NA’AMAT USA has appointed Deanna Migdal  National Executive Director. Deanna will work alongside our President and National Board of Directors in leading the organization, managing current activities and planning for its future. Her role will include overseeing fundraising, donor relations, membership and national office management, as well as area oversight and community outreach.

Deanna Migdal

Deanna joined us in 2014 as National Office Manager. A graduate of the University of Illinois, she previously held executive positions in the film and television industry. Prior to joining NA’AMAT USA, she operated her own consulting firm.

“Deanna has proven her ability to guide NA’AMAT USA through her work in managing our National Office, improving administrative procedures and developing our communications programs,” says incumbent National President Elizabeth Raider. “She is uniquely qualified and the ideal person to assume this new role with our organization. Her commitment and focus in helping NA’AMAT USA improve on all levels and aspects is second to none. This is a big step forward for our whole organization.”

Deanna hopes to build a broader awareness for NA’AMAT USA, the important work we do and the countless lives we improve.  “I am very excited about being appointed National Executive Director and successfully meeting its challenges and opportunities,” she notes. “In close collaboration with the board, I hope to increase membership and expand our donor base in order to fulfill NA’AMAT USA’s mission of enhancing the lives of all Israeli citizens. The thousands of children in our NA’AMAT Day care Centers, the hundreds of at-risk teens in our high schools, women seeking to break out of abusive relationships, further their education or fight for equal rights – all rely on us.”