Israel Pesach Virtual Tour 2021

February 18, 2021

PESACH ‫פסח‬


Sunday and Monday – March 21 & 22

4:00pm EST / 3:00pm CST / 1:00pm PST

$25 for NA’AMAT Members

$36 for Non-Members

Led by expert guides, your adventure will introduce you to Pesach in Israel!

Join us for two days
touring sights and sounds of the land of Israel!

LIMITED SEATS per virtual bus.

Learn more about each day below. Buy your tickets today!

Where the Journey begins: From the pyramids of Giza built by slaves inEgypt, journey with Bnei Yisrael through the wilderness to Mt. Sinai for the giving of the Ten Commandments. Travel to Ne’ot Kedumim, Biblical Preserve, to connect to the Biblical roots of symbols on a seder table. Passover comes in the Spring! Flowers are blooming. Families buy flowers for Pesach. See red poppies “Kalaniyot” and pink cyclamen “Rakefet” across the country!.Israelis Celebrate Pesach: Observe a Seder on a kibbutz. Visit a
NA’AMAT center for a holiday celebration. Do what Israelis do on Pesach… travel to see the Golan Trail and the Kinneret. View a Mimouna, a festive Moroccan meal at the conclusion of the holiday and view how Ethiopian Jews celebrate. Conclude with “Next Year in Jerusalem”!.


Gadi Ben-Dov was born in the US, raised in a kibbutz in the Galilee, and now lives in the center of Israel. Gadi became a licensed tour guide after finishing his IDF service as an officer and traveling the world. His love of the land, and especially the people of Israel, have given him insights into this country that he shares with every visitor. Together with his wife Amy, Gadi created a travel consultancy in Israel that specializes in creating unique, authentic, and off-thebeaten-path experiences. They are based along with their two children (and rambunctious dog) in Modiin, Israel. With the current pause in travel, Amy and Gadi are bringing their love of Israel right into your living room!

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