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December 10, 2015

[dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”right” font_size=”big” animation=”none” size=”1″]Daniel Litvin, an 11th grade student: “I could not enter a class, I couldn’t concentrate in a class with 40 students when the teacher doesn’t notice you, I just couldn’t….”[/dt_quote][ultimate_spacer height=”20″][dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”left” font_size=”big” animation=”none” size=”1″]Darling Aharoni, a 10th grade student: “I didn’t believe in myself when I was in the 7- 8th grade, beginning of the 9th grade.  I thought I would quit”.[/dt_quote][ultimate_spacer height=”20″][dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”right” font_size=”big” animation=”none” size=”1″]Ofri Baider, a 12th grade student: “Then I saw this place. I saw something special there.  They care. That is exactly what was missing at other places. Somebody who cares about you.  I think that this is the reason I haven’t succeeded in other places and I succeed here”. [/dt_quote][ultimate_spacer height=”20″][dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”left” font_size=”big” animation=”none” size=”1″]Lizi Buskila, a 12th grade student:” I come from a family where nobody has received a matriculation certificate. Even haven’t finished 12 years of school. I did it and it makes me feel extremely happy. I can’t describe in words how much happy it makes me feel”.[/dt_quote][ultimate_spacer height=”20″][dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”right” font_size=”big” animation=”none” size=”1″]It’s fun to get to school when you feel some kind of connection. It feels like home.[/dt_quote][ultimate_spacer height=”20″][dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”left” font_size=”big” animation=”none” size=”1″]I fulfilled a dream I’d never thought I could. I’ve never thought I would get a matriculation certificate. I wouldn’t have done it at other school.[/dt_quote][ultimate_spacer height=”20″][dt_fancy_separator el_width=”100″][ultimate_spacer height=”20″]Mina Shefi (director of Naamat educational network): “Our students are the power which motivates us.  Seeing how each one of them finds his/her place and moves forward is what motivates our teachers. They have that power to find out the potential that was hidden in our students before that. Our target as an educational network is make students’ progress, go forward. We try to turn each opportunity to a success”.

The Naamat Educational Network has high schools all over the country. There are technological high schools in both the Jewish and Arabic sectors, 2 youth villages and a college for jewelry design and crafting. Our schools are in Nazareth, Nahaf, Lod, Holon, Rishon LeZion, Rehovot, Petah Tikva, Tel-Aviv Yaffo, Shfar’m, Majed ElKrum, Haifa, Hadera, Hod Hasharon, Ein Mahel, Tamra, Yaffo-Omanit, Ma’ker Jedida, Kfar Kara  Ayanot Youth Village and Kanot Youth Village. During the last year, a new beautiful building replaced the old one in Nazareth to serve 330 Arab girls who study in one of the biggest educational centers of the network and provide them with safe and high standard learning environment.

Nazareth Mayor: This is one of the greatest projects in the educational system of Nazareth. This school is more than just a structure. It has brought education in our city to a higher level.

The academic achievements of Naamat students are constantly increasing, and so is the number of students who receive a matriculation certificate. In addition to academic studying, the network is developing various technological trends.

Gershon Cohen (Technology education coordinator, the Ministry of Education: “The technological trends are here to provide an answer to students’ needs and help them become good and efficient citizens in our society”.

Haim Avitan (Hadera Mayor): “In fact, we provide them with tools which will help them deal with the future. They come from different backgrounds. The students get values, knowledge and tools to deal with the future life”.

With the knowledge I get here I can enter the work market. It makes me feel good because I receive not only the matriculation certificate but also a basis from which I can start working.

It’s great because you know that in the future you can enter any place, even university. You have something basic in your hands to start your life with. I really feel happy about it.

Michal Aviv (a mother) :”My son has received a technological certificate. He went on and became a junior engineer and this is what he does in the army. And from now the sky is the limit. He has a profession now. He likes it and this is what matters”.

It makes me feel really good when you see our graduates in newspapers, a hairdressing shop with a name of a student I used to teach.

Our network aims not only at academic and technological achievements but also at making our students involved in social and community life. Volunteering activities are an important element in our education. Ayalet Yagur (in charge of external connections,  Amdocs Company):” It’s  our pleasure to work with Naamat staff . They can understand the other; they are good partners; they understand the true value of volunteering in regard to both the people who volunteer for Naamat and the students  who volunteer at other places”.

And there are also prizes and rewards. Both teachers and students of Naamat have received many rewards thus making the whole network proud of them.

Because of certain characteristics of our student population, the network has adopted a unique pedagogical attitude which aims at getting to know each and every student and responding to their personal needs .  Naamat teachers are more than teachers. They are rather their students’ parents.

Ibtisam Saruji – organizational coordinator in the Arabic sector:  “They often have to act as parents do, since many of these children’s parents have failed”.

Rami Ben Gera – Haifa region coordinator: “They (the teachers) come with a lot of love and empathy; they care a lot and this is their educational vision”.

Avraham Haddad (a high school principal, Hadera): “They (the teachers) are those who encourage the students and motivate them”.

Nadra Taanus (a high school principal, Nazareth):  “A small number of students in a class is what allows the teacher to get to know each and every student and to develop close relationship with them”.

Ariella Blank (a social worker): I would say this school is Full (Maleh in Hebrew) which for me is an abbreviation for Professionalism (miktsoiyut in Hebrew), Studying (limud) and Love (ahava).

Margaret Ellvinger a  donator and a volunteer ( in English).

Meirav Stern (a mother of an 11th grade student): “I have no idea what kind of magic they perform but it works and it works well. I am sure that it is successful because they come with a lot of love in their hearts.”

A student: “The teachers here are the teachers of the old generation. They are the teachers that you see in movies. They come here to teach.

Moshe Newman (a father of an 11th grade student): “One of the things this network is excellent at is accompanying its students during adolescence period. They accompany the kids during their crises and successes. They manage to reach every kid, to give him/her personal attention”.

A mother of a student: “It is here that roots  are planted” .

Hilit Ben Zur (a graduate): “When they ask you “How are you?” they really mean it. They want to find out how you feel and they look for ways to help you”.

A student:“ Again, its Love, Love, Love. Besides the empathy and the attitude, it’s love. They simply love you.”

Tom Butbul (the 12th grade student). I think that she (my homeroom teacher) does what she does because she cares. She is not here to sign a card at the beginning of the day and then to go home at the end but rather because she cares about us”.

Galia Wolloch (President Naamat). I use to visit our schools especially this year. Every time I visit a school I feel very excited. You, the teachers, are the source of inspiration for the students. You are a source of pride for the whole network. I would like to say “Thank you”. Every time you make me feel that miracles and wonders are really possible. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for who you are.

Ary’e Loker (a chairman of principals union, Hadera): “Thank you for helping these students become good people for the glory of the State of Israel.”

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