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October 19, 2023

NA’AMAT Israel Update

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100 Daycare Centers have re-opened.  Home Front Command has allowed NA’AMAT to open centers with safe shelters and adequate capacity. Some have enough sheltered space to operate at full capacity, while others are staggering classes to reduce the number of children in the building at one time. More daycare centers will come online as safety and staffing permit. Returning to the centers helps give the children a sense of normalcy and allows working parents to have reliable and safe childcare. With 360,000 reservists called up to fight in the war, young parents (sometimes both parents), need reliable daycare in their absence.

Every day brings new challenges and needs for the women, youth, and families in Israel. Through our NA’AMAT Emergency Fund, those who have donated have already made a great impact. Thank you to all our donors, and especially our 100 NEW donors to NA’AMAT — we are honored to have you join our community. Below are two examples of how your contributions are making a difference:

About 150 NA’AMAT staff members and their families have been evacuated from conflict areas and are reeling from losing loved ones, including children, and seeing their homes destroyed. NA’AMAT is providing therapy to these displaced workers, as well as 1000 NIS each for groceries and supplies. The Emergency Fund pays for this assistance to our NA’AMAT family.

The NA’AMAT Support Hotline has expanded hours and staffing to address the increased need for emotional and psychological support at this time. The hotline is now open 12 hours per day, 6 days per week, and is adding more therapists, social workers, and psychologists, as well as improving the technology to increase capacity. Additional funds are welcome to meet the increased needs.

Please follow our social media posts for the most up to date NA’AMAT information.

Make a donation to our 2023 Emergency Fund today.


Our NA’AMAT Emergency Fund is set up to provide support to those who need it the most: from repairs to damaged homes, to basic hygiene supplies, to the expansion of a NA’AMAT Resource Hotline, and much more, NA’AMAT is able to provide for children, teens, and families of all backgrounds during this crisis. Just this week we made a $100,000 transmission to NA’AMAT Israel to meet their urgent needs. With your help, we will continue to do more.*

As you’re reading this, NA’AMAT is hosting 15 families from Sderot, Netivot and Ashkelon in Ayanot youth village – a total of 90 people including many children, and the number is growing every day.

Please watch the video below to get a sense of how NA’AMAT is helping Israelis right now.

The families at Ayanot need necessities, food, clothes, toys, psychological and emotional therapy, special activities for the children to lower their stress and anxiety. It costs approximately $1600 to support 1 family. Our goal is to help as many families as possible.

Please consider donating to our emergency fund to continue this important work today. Let’s help as many families as we can.

*Disclaimer: From the time WE write this to the time you read it, the situation in Israel and the war with Hamas may have changed. Please follow our social media posts for the most up to date NA’AMAT information.

Make a donation to our 2023 Emergency Fund today.


We are devastated by the violence and terror that erupted in Israel on the holy day of Shabbat that was the catalyst to the war that is now in its early days. We stand in solidarity with our Israeli friends and family, condemning acts of terror, fear, and violence against innocent civilians. We firmly support Israel’s right to defend its people against unprovoked attacks by terrorists. Our prayers go out for the safety and immediate release of those held hostage, and for the healing of the wounded and traumatized, and we send love and prayers to comfort those who have lost loved ones.

We are still learning the extent of the damage and destruction faced by our NA’AMAT daycare centers (see the images below of one damaged daycare center), youth villages, and domestic violence shelter, but any donations made through this link allocated to support our NA’AMAT families, students, facilities, and staff in Israel with the most immediate needs.

The NA’AMAT family will find solace in our traditions and derive strength from our supportive and resilient community to help us navigate through the tough times ahead.

Make a donation to our 2023 Emergency Fund today.

We stand with Israel today and every day.

Am Yisrael Chai,

The NA’AMAT USA Board and Staff

A Message from Hagit Pe’er, President of NA’AMAT

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