Share Your Mitzvah with Teens in Israel

Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a very joyous and meaningful occasion for you and your family. What better way to commemorate this milestone than by helping others in need.  Consider including NA’AMAT in your wonderful celebration! Our TECH 4 TEENS Program is designed specifically for you.

Some teenagers in Israel aren’t quite as fortunate as you are. Some come from underprivileged backgrounds, have learning disabilities, family problems, behavioral issues and other challenges. NA’AMAT creates a safe, empowering environment for these troubled teens struggling in traditional high schools. With 20 Technological high schools and 2 residential youth villages, we offer training in communications, photography, computer graphics and culinary skills as well as basic academic subjects. However, as technology evolves, we need to provide the tools our students need to excel. They lack the basics – computers, software, printers, cameras, projectors, all the things we may take for granted. NA’AMAT gives these teens a second chance. They gain confidence, self-esteem, acquire professional and vocational skills that enable them to graduate and become productive citizens of Israel.

With your help, our students can thrive and succeed through our Tech 4 Teens program.

Ways You Can Help

  • Donate money to support our technological high schools in Israel
  • Encourage your family and guests to make donations to NA’AMAT USA in honor of your bar/bat mitzvah
  • Mention your mitzvah project in your speech or as part of your event invitation
  • Provide information about Tech 4 Teens from NA’AMAT to display on the tables or as part of a centerpiece
  • Spread the word and post your involvement with NA’AMAT on social media

What you will receive

  • A special certificate from NA’AMAT USA recognizing your participation in TECH 4 TEENS
  • We will send a letter to your synagogue acknowledging your efforts
  • Satisfaction knowing that you have made a positive impact on the lives of teenagers in Israel

If you are planning a trip to Israel with your family, we can make special arrangements for you to visit one of our technological high schools. You can see first- hand how your contributions help improve the lives of Israeli teenagers.  The money you raise makes a big difference!

We are so grateful to our young supporters who include NA’AMAT USA in their Bar/Bat Mitzvah plans and share our passion to enhance the quality of life for teenagers and their families in Israel.  You will celebrate your Bar/ Bat Mitzvah with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, knowing that you have honored your Jewish responsibility for Tikun Olam, helping others to make the world a better place. Mazel Tov!