One of NA’AMAT USA’s finest contributions is the Women’s Health Center in Karmiel, the first of its kind in Israel. This was made possible through a generous grant from Adele and Maurice Weiner/NA’AMAT Pittsburgh Endowment Fund of the United Jewish Federation Foundation. This comprehensive center filled a void in the health services rendered in Israel’s Central Galilee.

Charitable throughout their lives, the Weiner’s were longtime supporters of the Jewish Community. A teacher, Adele had a strong interest in children and orphans. She and her brother worked jointly in commercial printing. Their commitment to women and children translated into an enduring legacy.

The Center offers an array of education and counseling vital to building awareness about common female health issues so women and girls will be able to detect and ultimately prevent illness. The Center boasts the first mammography machine in the area. The Center provides educational programs on childbirth, eating disorders, prevention of osteoporosis, family planning, menopause and nutrition. There are also individual and group therapy programs for post-natal and menopausal women and support groups for cancer patients and their families.


new women's health center picIn celebration of NA’AMAT USA’s 90th Anniversary, we are proud to sponsor a new Women’s Health Center in Sderot. This new center will serve the women of Sderot, as well as women from all the Kibbutzim in the area. There is a real need for it as there is nothing like it in the surrounding area.

Sderot, with a current population of about 25,000, was established in 1951 in the north-western Negev, close to the Gaza Strip. Despite initial difficulties, Sderot developed rapidly and managed to attract several important industrial plants. Since 2001, Sderot has had to deal with the massive security threat of rocket attacks from Gaza. Despite fear and uncertainty, the people of Sderot have shown great courage and have found the strength to deal with the situation. Today, Sderot is undergoing rapid development in several areas.  There is a new railway station, new neighborhoods are springing up, the educational system is showing impressive results and cultural activities abound. This all makes it the perfect place to house a new health center.

The Center will include many of the same educational programs and counseling as its predecessor in Karmiel. In addition, they will cover women’s health issues, women empowerment workshops and other special projects.

The building which is being renovated for this purpose used to be a NA’AMAT day care center. The building includes a kitchen, a large yard and safe rooms (shelter) adjacent to the 3 big rooms.

Latest Update 

The initial planning is done and permits are pulled. Now the actual construction and renovations can begin.  The center is expected to serve about 500 women to start and will grow as need be.  The permanent staff will include the regional chairperson who is in charge of all the activities in Sderot, as well as the coordinator of the center. Professionals will be hired and NA’AMAT lawyers will be involved in legal counseling. The center should be ready to open in the summer of 2017.

If you are interested in contributing to this exciting project, please contact us or click on the Donate button.