NA’AMAT takes pride in giving a second chance to troubled teenagers who are struggling in traditional high schools by offering customized career-oriented training in fields crucial to the future of the State.

Technological High Schools

Seventeen alternative high schools with 3200 enrolled students operate throughout Israel (9 in the Jewish sector and 8 in the Arab sector). Students with a wide range of problems including abuse, neglect, addiction, and many from underprivileged backgrounds are welcomed into small classrooms taught by specially trained, caring teachers.

Many new immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union are also enrolled in the high schools. These schools combine academic subjects with courses in field such as communications, computer science, photography, computer graphics and fashion design.  Teenage boys and girls combine theoretical studies with technological and vocational training.

There is modern and updated equipment, computers and photography labs. This hands-on learning is crucial, especially for many students with learning disabilities. Upon graduation, these students are prepared to succeed and live useful, productive lives.