NA’AMAT USA takes a strong stance on policies and issues effecting women, children and families. On the public level, NA’AMAT mobilizes and leads women to bring about social changes by initiating campaigns to influence public opinion and increase public awareness. We work to reinforce women’s awareness of their rights and value at home and in the workforce. We stand united in beliefs on topics such as women’s health, reproductive freedom, labor laws, equality, sex trafficking and bullying. We approach every challenge with an open mind and with innovative thinking and we take action with compassion and faith.

The following articles touch on some of these topics. The links to the full articles are here for you to read.

Take Action! Summer 2017

Protecting Our Privacy In a Digital World

In this high-technology era of smartphones, all kinds of computers and social media, what we communicate, search for and store can be used for unwanted interference into our private lives. Privacy and data security issues are a growing concern of Americans, especially as the internet and technology have made personal information more accessible and easier to collect and manipulate.

Take Action! Winter 2017

Stand Up to Hate Crimes

“We must be vigilant about hate crimes,” said then U.S. Attorney  General Loretta E. Lynch at an interfaith event in December 2016. “This work is never finished.” Lynch contended that Americans must work hard and continuously to investigate and prosecute hate crimes.

Take Action! Fall 2016

Advocating for Social Justice

Social justice involves promoting equality and equal opportunity in society. A cornerstone of a just society is support for human rights. Na’amat strongly supports is- sues that help achieve social justice in women’s rights, reproductive free- dom, children’s welfare, employment and health.

Take Action! Spring 2016

ERA: Now is the Time…

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) states simply: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.” It was introduced into every Congress between 1923 and 1972, when it was passed and sent to the states for ratification by both houses of their legislatures. The ERA has also been introduced in every Congress since 1982, since the proposed amendment was not approved by the necessary three-fourths (38) of the 50 states to make it part of the Constitution.

Take Action! Fall 2015

Let’s End Gender Bias in Medical Research

Gender biases in medical research, leave women at risk of missed opportunities for prevention, incorrect diagnoses, misinformed treatments, sickness and even death. The Research for All Act, currently before congress, would bring gender equality to essential aspects of medical research, requiring among other things that both male and female animals, tissues and cells be used in research funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Take Action! Summer 2015

Let’s Stop the Attack on Reproductive Freedom

Two proposed pieces of congressional legislation have imposed new restrictions of the reproductive freedom of women. The so-called Pain-Capable Child Protection Act aims to prohibit doctors from performing abortions after 20 weeks’ gestation would hurt women who discover severe medical problems late into their pregnancies. The re-authorization of the Hyde Amendment would forbid most uses of federal funds for abortion.

Take Action! Spring 2015

Sexual Assault on Campus: Legislative Responses

Approximately 20-25 percent of college women are projected to be victims of an attempted or completed rape during their college years, yet less than 5 percent report their assaults to campus or local police authorities. Institutional barriers, a reluctance to face the perpetrators and shame are among the reasons. Campus Accountability and Safety Act (CASA) would make colleges and other institutions more accountable, conduct annual student surveys, and adjudicate student assault cases uses the same process for all.

Take Action! Winter 2014-2015

Let’s End Bullying

Bullying, aggressive, unwanted behavior generally among school children takes many forms and can occur anywhere, at school, on the playground or online. Victims are often children who are socially isolated, have low self-esteem, are overweight or underweight, or otherwise perceived as “different.” Teachers, coaches and other leaders need to develop a shared strategy on how to handle bullying.

Take Action! Summer 2014

Sex Trafficking Must Be Stopped!

An estimated 27 million people are trafficked for labor, sex and other exploitative practices across the globe every year. The victims are often the most vulnerable, people suffering from economic, educational and social disadvantages. The Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act provides for the arrest and prosecution of the buyers of sex from minors and other victims, not just the traffickers.

Take Action! Winter 2013-2014

Expand Labor Protections for Home Care Workers!

Housekeepers, child-care providers and caregivers for the disabled and elderly are among the lowest paid workers in America. The Obama administration has moved to extend minimum wage and overtime protections to direct care workers but many states still need to enact a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.

Take Action! Fall 2013

Let’s Crack Down on Sexual Assault in the Military

Although sexual assaults in the military are known to be rising, less than 5 percent of sexual assault cases move toward prosecution and less than one-third of those cases result in imprisonment. The Military Justice Improvement Act of 2013 is designed to toughen prosecutions and penalties.