NA’AMAT Stands in Solidarity with Ukrainians

Ukrainian child with israel flag

In this month of Adar, our “Season of Joy” is tempered by the tragic news, images, and personal stories coming out of the war in Ukraine, and we are called upon to act. In anticipation of potentially large numbers of displaced Ukrainian families and children arriving in Israel, we know that the NA’AMAT Daycare centers […]

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, November 25, 2021

The home should be the most protected place for children, a safe space where they can develop and flourish so that they can grow to be well adjusted and fulfilled adults. Unfortunately, for hundreds of thousands of children in Israel, the home is a threatening and toxic place, leaving many of them traumatized throughout their […]

Update on the Situation in Israel

Over 1,500 rockets were launched to Israel cities and towns in the last 2 days…From Sderot in the south until Yisrael Valley in the Lower Galilee.

NA’AMAT USA Convention in Israel, 2019

Guest post by Sharon Sutker McGowan From visiting the Women’s Health & Empowerment Center in Sderot, near the Gaza border, to touring the Kanot boarding school with its dairy farm and equestrian program, attendees of NA’AMAT USA’s recent convention in Israel saw firsthand how NA’AMAT dramatically changes lives for the better, while also learning about […]

Changing Lives

Ilana Kwartin is an attorney and heads a legal practice near Ashkelon, Israel specializing in labor law, tort law and women’s rights. She was born in the former Soviet Union and made Aliyah with her family in 1987.

Making Educational Dreams Come True

More than 200 young Israeli women have a clearer path toward attaining their educational goals thanks to the generosity of members of NA’AMAT USA. Eleven women pursuing PhDs in science and women’s studies are recipients of 2017 NA’AMAT Research Grants. An additional 200 women studying for undergraduate and graduate degrees received NA’AMAT Educational Scholarships.

Impacting Lives

NA’AMAT USA president Chellie Goldwater Wilensky recently had an opportunity to witness first-hand the organization’s success in helping women, children and families meet life’s challenges.

Update from Sderot

Work continues on the new Women’s Empowerment and Health Center funded by NA’AMAT USA. Construction of a new Women’s Empowerment and Health Care Center in Sderot, Israel, funded in part by NA’AMAT USA, is proceeding at a brisk pace. Shirli Shavit, Director of the International Department of NA’AMAT, reports that the new center is expected […]

UNESCO and the Temple Mount

As a leading advocate for Israel for more than 90 years, NA’AMAT  USA strongly denounces  yesterday’s UNESCO’s anti-Israel  resolution denying Jewish ties to Jerusalem’s holy sites including the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. The contentious resolution claims the Temple Mount is only sacred to Muslims. Twenty-four UNESCO member states voted in favor, 26 abstained and […]