Circle Campaigns

  • Circle of Hope

    Your gift will provide career training, professional skills and state of the art technology for at-risk teens in NA’AMAT’s technological high schools and residential youth villages. Donations will also fund the upkeep and renovations of the schools as needed. Your name will be printed in our NA’AMAT Woman magazine.


  • Circle Of Life

    Your donation will help maintain and expand NA’AMAT’s services and help create a better life for women in Israel. These vital social services include legal aid, vocational training, domestic violence intervention, treatment and prevention, community center enrichment programs, leadership training and advocacy for women’s rights and equality. Your gift will be acknowledged in our NA’AMAT Woman magazine.


  • Circle of Love

    Your donation will help provide exceptional care in a warm, safe and nurturing environment for preschoolers in our early education network. Donations will also fund much needed upkeep and facility renovations in our day care and multi-purpose centers.  Your gift will be acknowledged in our NA’AMAT Woman magazine.


Note: As many as 4 individuals can join together to complete a circle. All donor names will be inscribed on a plaque and displayed on a designated wall in Israel.

Women’s Health Center in Sderot

In celebration of NA’AMAT USA’s recent 90th anniversary, we have sponsored a new women’s empowerment and health center in Sderot. This facility will serve the women of Sderot, as well as women from the Kibbutzim in the area.

constructionSderot, with a population of about 25,000, was established in 1951 as a development town for new immigrants. Less than one mile from the Gaza strip, Sderot has been the target of rocket attacks by terrorist groups since 2001 with a high percentage of the population suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Despite living with fear and uncertainty, the people of Sderot have shown great courage and strength. There is ongoing rebuilding, construction of new homes, opening of new business, improvements in the educational system and an increase in cultural activities. As the women in Sderot are preoccupied with the health and welfare of their families, many don’t have the time to travel out of their area to seek preventative care for themselves. What Sderot clearly needs is a women’s health center to fill a critical void in the community’s social services network.

Similar to NA’AMAT’S outstanding women’s center in Karmiel, the Sderot facility will provide workshops, prevention counseling, empowerment programs and other services currently lacking in the community.

An existing day care facility is being renovated for the new center. Shirli Shavit, Director of NA’AMAT International, reports that the new center is expected to be complete by summer 2017.  There are plans for a formal festive opening in June 2017 during the annual meeting of NA’AMAT International.

Sderot (“boulevard” in Hebrew) was given its name to symbolize the biblical prophecy of “making the desert bloom.” Our health center will be a new flower in the blossoming of the Negev. We seek your continued generous support for this vital project.

Building Fund

Your contribution will provide essential funding for construction of new day care/multi-purpose centers, women’s health centers, high schools, and the renovation of our existing schools and playgrounds. Your name will be inscribed on a plaque at the NA’AMAT installation.