NA’AMAT U.S.A. 90TH Anniversary

We are happy and proud to congratulate you in this special occasion, celebrating NA’AMAT U.S.A. 90TH Anniversary.

We highly respect and appreciate our true partnership and friendship all along the years. In the early 1920’s the Haverot of NA’AMAT in the USA began as Pioneer Women, realizing the Zionist dream, committed and devoted to building and enhancing the State of Israel.


Operation Protective Edge

Dear Friends,

The challenges of daily life in Israel during the present situation of waiting for the next siren, running for a safe place when rockets begin to fall and trying to keep your family safe, have become an all-too-familiar part of the daily routine for many Israelis..

The following letter and photos are from an e-mail I received today from Shirli Shavit, Director, NA’AMAT International Department in Israel.