$10 for 10

Giving Tuesday is a global day of showing appreciation and giving back. For just $10, you can make a difference in so many lives of women, children and families in Israel. Don’t miss this opportunity to donate to NA’AMAT’s $10 for 10 Giving Tuesday Campaign!

Won’t you please donate $1 for each of the following?

  1. We strengthen and empower women in the family, workplace and in society.

  2. NA’AMAT funds daycare centers with financial help on a sliding scale.

  3. NA’AMAT provides a safe shelter, counseling and support services for victims of domestic violence.

  4. We provide career training, professional skills and state-of-the-art technological training for at-risk teens.

  5. Preventative health care services are offered at our centers in Sderot and Karmiel.

  6. Academic scholarships are awarded for women in college, graduate school, PhD programs and in Law.

  7. We advocate for women’s rights, child welfare and educational initiatives.

  8. NA’AMAT operates community centers that offer educational, cultural, and social activities.

  9. NA’AMAT offers critical help to women seeking legal advice in the area of divorce and workplace-related issues.

  10. NA’AMAT operates high schools and agricultural schools for teens.

Please donate online or by check to show your support for all NA’AMAT does for our women, children and families in Israel. We are truly grateful to NA’AMAT for providing these wonderful services.

Make this Giving Tuesday a success by contributing to our 2019 $10 for 10 Campaign!