Two-Day Virtual Convention, 2022

See the Stars of NA’AMAT and join them on the red carpet at the Virtual Convention
July 31, 2022 - August 1, 2022 Virtual 36+

About this Event

Join us for our triennial convening of NA’AMAT members from all over the country! This year we will be “virtually” meeting in Los Angeles, California, with all the glamour and glitter of Hollywood as our theme! Come join us as we reflect on the past few years, install a new Board, and look with anticipation to the next three years and all the opportunity for NA’AMAT that lies ahead! We would love to have you join the party.

Minimum registration fee:$36 – Double Chai

Additional giving opportunities:

  • $74 For Israel’s 74th Birthday
  • $100, 100 Years of NA’AMAT
  • $180, 10x Chai
  • Amount of your choosing to Celebrate all that NA’AMAT has done and continues to do for women in Israel


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