Fundraising: Getting Comfortable with the Ask

Fundraising: Getting Comfortable with the Ask, August 2, 4pm PT.
Lifetime NA'AMAT member, Barbra Labbie, will give a webinar to help participants feel more confident asking for money from donors.
August 2, 2021 7:00 pmEDT Virtual Free

About this Event


This webinar will provide tips and techniques to help participants feel more confident in their ability to ask for NA’AMAT membership gifts and

Monday Aug 2, 2021

4:00 PM Pacific Time, 6:00 PM Central Time, and 7:00 PM Eastern Time

The session will cover how to:

  • Build rapport
  • Provide strong motives for giving
  • Begin with a high ask and the reasons it’s vital
  • Overcome prospects’ objections
  • Increase the likelihood pledges will be honored

Intended audience:

    • Executive Directors
    • Fundraising & Membership staff/volunteers
    • Council or organization members
    • Program Directors, volunteers, and staff

Barbra Labbie, Presenter


Barbra Labbie, a Lifetime member of NA’AMAT in Pittsburgh, is a fundraising professional who, in eight years, over the phone raised close to two million dollars. Clients she solicited on behalf of include: Sierra Club, Kennedy Center, Habitat for Humanity, Smithsonian Institution, League of Women Voters, and other progressive and cultural organizations.

Barbra was frequently #1 at Direct Advantage Marketing/Share Group and always in the top 2-3 percent of callers ranked for successfully meeting clients’ fundraising goals. She was one of only six or eight callers (out of 160 or more) regularly showcased for clients to monitor.

With no fear of heights, Barbra was always on her company’s high-dollar campaigns, like Emily’s List Majority Council (Their $1200+ donors). Barbra was also the top Emily’s List Fundraiser multiple times. Shortly after Barbra Labbie began with DAM, they promoted her to coach, train, and mentor others, in addition to her fundraising duties.

Barbra loves to help other fundraisers be highly effective at obtaining donations on behalf of worthwhile organizations. Currently, Barbra is a fundraiser at Blueprint Advancement, a company that specializes in fundraising for performing arts organization.

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