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    Susan talked about NA’AMAT and upcoming events.

  • Sheri Schoenwald and party planner Janice Orlowski

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    Mitzvah President Susan Neubauer with Gail Simpson and Sheri Schoenwald

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    Mingling and munching.

  • Lynnette Shifman

  • Gail and Myles Simpson. Seated is Jeff Schoenwald.

  • Eilat Chapter President, Joyce Edelson, with Lee Shapiro

  • Ron Neubauer, Ken Marks and Burt Lewensohn in good conversation.

  • Colin and Esther Pullen

  • Comedian
  • Comedian
  • Comedians
  • Ed and Bonnie Polishuk

  • Eilat Chapter members Libi Neubauer (Susan’s sister-in-law), Lea Templer and San Fernando Council President Roz Porton

A large group mingled on April 14 for an evening of relaxed time together. Dr. Ken and Julie Saul welcomed everyone to their beautiful Thousand Oaks home. Mitzvah members were happy that members of Eilat Chapter and Hadassah joined the fun. We munched delicious appetizers, prepared by members, while relaxing at the balmy poolside. Entertainment followed. The four comedians fed us with their humor and left us smiling as we headed for coffee and homemade desserts. Fundraising chairs Janice Orlowski and Eddi Marantz did a super job of planning the event. Every detail was polished. Toda raba, Janice and Eddi, for an event well done! For those unable to attend this night of comedy, here’s advice: Never, ever miss an event planned by these two.