women's servicesFighting for Women’s Rights in Israel

NA’AMAT was conceived as an avenue to help women succeed in a progressive society. We have been at the forefront in responding to the growing needs of women as they struggle for equality.  A vast range of women’s services are available providing assistance and support for personal, family and professional issues.

We operate legal aid bureaus that handle a variety of complaints including workplace discrimination and domestic issues. We support Women and Family Rights Centers that provide vocational training for women to advance their careers and start new businesses. The Glickman Center for Family Violence, Prevention and Treatment helps to save and rebuild lives. Our Women’s Health Center in Karmiel continues to provide preventative health care and counseling.  We also fund approximately 20 Community Centers that run workshops and lectures for women on issues including the status of women, health care, folk dancing, arts and crafts, creating a sense of belonging and pride.