• 30 regional branches throughout the country located in towns, cities and villages, in agriculture settlements and in the Arab sector.
  • 17,000 infants and toddlers are cared for in approximately 250 Day Care Centers (including 23 multi-purpose centers for extended care)
  • 25 Legal Bureaus and 5 Women’s Rights Centers are maintained throughout the country.
  • 10,000 women are helped each year at a NA’AMAT Legal Aid or Women’s Rights Center
  • 20,000 Legal Counseling Inquiries per year.
NA'AMAT USA helps 1,000 Men and Women recieve Domestic Violence Prevention
  • 180 University Scholarships awarded annually with 4 additional Ph.D. grants in Gender Studies and 4 in Science.
  • 7-8 petitions are filed each year by NA`AMAT Attorneys to the Supreme Court, sitting as a high court of Justice, regarding the status of women and related issues.
  • Tens of legislative initiatives are proposed annually to the Knesset (Israeli Parliament).