Unprecedented Times – Letter from Our President

As the title of this post states, these are unprecedented times. Every aspect of our lives has been impacted, cancelled or delayed. Please follow the Local, State, CDC recommendations. Practice Social Distancing, frequent and thorough hand washing, use of hand sanitizers and avoiding large gatherings of people. To that end, I would like to ask…

Fellowship Winner Announced

NA’AMAT USA is pleased to announce that Ms. Cara Rock-Singer of Philadelphia, PA is the recipient of the Second NA’AMAT USA Research Fellowship in Honor of Elizabeth J. Raider. In addition, Dr. Tanya Zion-Waldoks of Beer-Sheva, Israel has been awarded an Honorable Mention.

Changing Lives

Ilana Kwartin is an attorney and heads a legal practice near Ashkelon, Israel specializing in labor law, tort law and women’s rights. She was born in the former Soviet Union and made Aliyah with her family in 1987.