NA’AMAT USA Celebrates Grand Opening

Newly relocated National Office in Los Angeles NA’AMAT USA held the grand opening of its new national office and headquarters on Thursday, June 12, 2014 with an outpouring of support and visitors. A Certificate of Congressional Recognition was presented to NA’AMAT National President Liz Raider by Los Angeles City Councilman Bob Blumenfield (3rd District) and…


Elizabeth Raider, National NA’AMAT USA President, has announced that a select group of young and talented members of NA’AMAT USA from around the United States have returned from a 10-day mission to Israel where they inspected and learned about the inner workings of its educational and diverse facilities for the women, youth and children in Israel.

Led by Jan Gurvich, National Fundraising Vice-President and organized by Ivy Liebross, National Leadership Vice-President, the group visited day care centers, multipurpose daycare centers, technological and agricultural high schools, a women’s shelter, and the Women’s Rights Center, and also met with high-ranking personalities involved in the day-to-day operation of NA’AMAT facilities in Israel.

Foreign dignitaries mark Int’l Women’s Day in Israel with tour of NA’AMAT shelters

The day’s activities focused on strengthening the status of women and on cooperation between Jewish and Arab women.

The global community marked International Women’s Day on Saturday. On Thursday, the Government Press Office, the Ambassadors Club of Israel, led by Ambassador Yitzhak Eldan and Na’amat – Movement of Working Women & Volunteers joined in the celebrations with a tour for foreign diplomats and journalists.

“There is a glass ceiling for women today and there are very few who have been able to break it and reach top positions, these women need to support each other whether they are from Israel or abroad,” Galia Wolloch, president of NA’AMAT Israel, told The Jerusalem Post during the tour.



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U.S. Head Start program modeled after NA’AMAT Day Care

NA’AMAT was founded 88 years ago as Pioneer Women. Today, we’re still pioneers, providing day care for over 17,000 children in Israel. Founded in 1925, NA’AMAT day care centers are the largest network of day care centers in the country. We have become a world leader in early childhood education. In fact, the Head Start program of the U.S. was modeled after the NA’AMAT centers in Israel.  BE A PIONEER of the future and JOIN US in our cause by setting up a DONATION using our NEW Recurring Payment form to help us continue to be at the forefront.

41st National Convention ROCKED!

Our 41st National Convention, “Rock with NA’AMAT”was jam-packed with exciting speakers, NA’AMAT USA departmental reports, new videos, trips to museums, interactive sessions and gala evening sessions with great entertainment! The 4 days were energizing, informative, interesting and a chance to meet with NA’AMAT USA members from around the country as well as NA’AMAT leaders from Israel, Brazil and Canada. Special thanks to Chellie Goldwater Wilensky, Convention Chair, who truly made all this possible!