YOU Can Make a Difference in a Teenager’s Life!

Teens benefitting from a B'nai Mitzvah programNA’AMAT USA supports 17 vocational training high schools throughout Israel.  This year, for our Annual Summer Appeal, we are highlighting our school in Petach Tikva where Yael is a student. Yael is a beautiful 17-year-old girl with dyslexia who enrolled in our school two years ago.  Yael was unhappy at her old high school.  She rarely attended classes and finally dropped out.  Her dyslexia made it difficult for her to learn.  Kids bullied her and her parents were uninvolved in her life.  At NA’AMAT’s Petach Tikva High School, Yael was tested, diagnosed and assigned to the appropriate classes.  Due to the small class sizes, Yael’s teachers were able to attend to her special needs. Yael received one-on-one tutoring as well as peer mentoring and has now been able to slowly turn her life around. She has friends and teachers who care about her and Yael no longer dreads going to school.  Yael is now a confident young woman who is ready to take her rightful place in the Israeli Army and then in Israeli society.

We are so proud of Yael and our Petach Tikva High School.  At this time, the tech lab is in desperate need of modernized equipment including computers and printers. Without these new purchases, students studying STEM subjects will be at a significant disadvantage. This year, we are happy to team up with our NA’AMAT b’nai mitzvot and their Tech4Teens program. This program, founded 3 years ago, encourages b’nai mitzvot to share their gift money in support of teens in our technological high schools in Israel.  So together with our teens, your generous donation can help upgrade the tech labs and provide Yael and her classmates with the technology they need to excel.  We thank you for all that you do.  Todah Rabbah!

Watch What Our Teens Have to Say About Why They Support the Tech4Teens Program

NA’AMAT’s Technological High Schools in Israel Provide Teenagers with the Skills They Need to Thrive