Spotlight: Cologne Peace Daycare Center

The Cologne Peace Daycare Center in Jaffa is unique among NA’AMAT facilities in Israel. It was the first daycare center to offer bilingual (Hebrew and Arabic) education and the first to serve a mixed population of students. Of the 67 children currently enrolled in the center approximately half are Jewish, one-quarter are Arabic-Muslim and one-quarter are Arabic-Christian.

NA’AMAT USA’s Ivy Liebross Addresses Women’s Passover Celebration

Ivy Liebross, National Vice President of Leadership Development for NA’AMAT USA and past President of the organization’s San Fernando Valley Council, recently discussed the organization’s mission before a group of more than 200 women attending a “Women of Passover” celebration hosted by Valley Beth Shalom’s N’Shama Minyan. The event was held on Saturday, April 16th at Valley Beth Shalom in Encino.