NA’AMAT’s 90th Anniversary Project

A Women’s Health Center for Sderot

At the recent Distinguished Community Leader Award Luncheon, sponsored by the San Fernando Valley Council of NA’AMAT, Susan Isaacs, the council’s immediate past president and a current national board member of NA’AMAT USA, described a new project to build a Women’s Health Center in Sderot, Israel. Here is a portion of her remarks.

I’m here today to talk to you about Our 90th Anniversary project, a very special effort that we are undertaking to raise funds to build a Women’s Health Center in the city of Sderot in the Western Negev. Many of you have heard about this small city that is less than a mile from Gaza. It’s been in the news many times – The city has been an ongoing target of rocket attacks by Hamas and other radical terrorists groups since 2001.

NA’AMAT U.S.A. 90TH Anniversary

We are happy and proud to congratulate you in this special occasion, celebrating NA’AMAT U.S.A. 90TH Anniversary.

We highly respect and appreciate our true partnership and friendship all along the years. In the early 1920’s the Haverot of NA’AMAT in the USA began as Pioneer Women, realizing the Zionist dream, committed and devoted to building and enhancing the State of Israel.