Much More Than a Mom

By Galia Wolloch, president, NA’AMAT Israel

Every year, in honor of International Women’s Day, depressing statistics are published on the inconceivable wage gaps of approximately 30% between women and men. The fact causing the most despair is that the gap has remained at a similar rate for decades already, as if there have been no cultural, social and structural changes in the country.

It is no secret that one of the major causes of the gaps in status and wages is the fact that women still tend to take upon themselves (or accept) primary responsibility for childcare. Even though women have fully entered the job market and constitute about half of it, their traditional role as caretakers of children has not been reduced accordingly – and this dual burden makes it difficult for them to integrate and advance.

New Friends, Inspiring Places

NA’AMAT International Solidarity Conference 2015

More than 30 members of NA’AMAT USA, representing chapters across the country, traveled to Israel last month to take part in the first ever NA’AMAT International Solidarity Conference. During the busy and inspirational week-long event, delegates made new friends among their sisters from Israel, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay, and visited NA’AMAT facilities in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Karmiel, Beersheva, Lod and other sites.

Spotlight: Nadera Tannous

Nadera Tannous is the director of the NA’AMAT Technological School, a high school in Nazareth that helps Israeli Arab girls, who have previously struggled in school, become empowered and contributing members of society. The school prepares girls for college and also provides vocational training in a variety of careers.

Israeli Independence Day Community Celebration

Celebrate Israel’s birthday, April 22, in New York City

Yom Ha’atzmaut, scheduled for April 22 in New York City, is a very special community celebration commemorating Israel’s birthday. NA’AMAT USA is a sponsor of this first annual event which will include a Megillah Reading of Israel’s Declaration of Independence and a cantorial concert. If you live near or will be visiting New York in April, we encourage you to attend. There is no cost to attend, but pre-registration is required.