Watch Shirli Shavit

Members of NA’AMAT USA recently gathered at a home in Sherman Oaks, Calif. to hear a presentation by Shirli Shavit, Director of the  International Department of NA’AMAT Israel, on the organization’s work to protect its Day Care centers in Israel during this time of conflict.

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NA’AMAT Leader Describes Efforts to Protect Day Care Centers during “Operation Protective Edge”

Shirli Shavit thanks NA’AMAT USA members for emergency funding to safeguard children and families from violence.

Shirli Shavit, Director of the  International Department of NA’AMAT Israel, said that the organization is acting swiftly to secure day care centers and assist children and families traumatized by violence during the current crisis in Israel—but that more needs to be done. Shavit’s remarks came during a special gathering of NA’AMAT USA members at a private home in Sherman Oaks. The event was chaired by NA’AMAT Western Area Coordinator Hilary Botchin.